Feeling Guilty



Everyone here has been so nice, I now feel like a selfish westerner (Westerners are called barang.)  I have just changed hotels as the first one I was taken to was a little too far out of town for me, I couldn’t just walk to the city. So I asked and was told it would be ok to check out early. Then the lovely tuk tuk driver Chat who picked me up from the bus yesterday and who also walked with me all around the festival last night, arrived this morning looking so tired! He drove me to a place I had found on Agoda.com, their price was more than the website…. telling me that the taxes weren’t included. I checked on my phone for a while as they patiently waited for me…. I decided to stay as I was starting to feel very uncomfortable! Lesson for the future, even if people say they can organise accommodation for you, ask more questions or book it yourself. I usually do book for myself, but thought I would go with the suggestion of the locals, in my case it just didn’t work out as I’d hoped. Now I’m sitting around waiting for the room to be ready.  I’m starting to feel home sick and I think it’s due to feeling unwell, a loss of motivation and just wanting to sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day! I just know it, I will make sure of it!

This place looks so nice too, even if I don’t swim 😁😁

What a Crazy Week….



What an amazing week this has been. So frustrating & also extremely rewarding . I have meet some really amazing people, listened to stories and music from this beautiful country. Today I am up in the hills of Mondulkiri, it’s cooler and quite. A wonderful breakfast in the local market of rice, meat and vegetables . Now having a coffee to wake up. We are hiring motorbikes today to travel to where the Penong people live, about an hour out of town. We will spend the day with them and I will record their stories and song. I am very excited about this.

A Room in Phnom Penh

Street 130 Phnom Penh

As I sit in my hotel room, and a lovely room it is, I am listening to the sounds of the street. Tuk Tuk’s are whirring past carrying locals and tourists alike, merchant selling everything from coconuts to plastic containers and the general chatter of voices are rising up to my first floor room.

I spy what look like monks walking down the street holding umbrellas to block out the sun, I have been warned that these men are not monks, that they are pretending to be so as to pray on unsuspecting tourists, accost them and ask for money. One must not only keep an open mind and also be aware that things are not always what they seem.

I have spent the last two days walking around Phnom Penh, taking in the Cambodian culture and enjoying every moment. I did not have enough confidence when I first arrived to walk around with my camera, but today I will start filming in this beautiful city before I take the long journey to the small town of Kampot tomorrow.

Phnom Penh for the first time.

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Found a beer here. Didn’t take me very long 😆 I’m sitting at a bar overlooking the Mekong river, dark rain clouds are looming overhead while I drink a beer named Cambodia (an obvious choice).  There is  cool breeze and it’s not too hot or smelly or scary or any of the things I had been warned of. It’s beautiful! A different world that I could easily fall in love with.



So I arrived in Kuala Lumpur this evening. It was a really wonderful flight, very smooth and pleasant. I watched a great documentary called 21 Days Under the Sun. And a couple of movies, which was nice and relaxing, I haven’t had time to do that in such a long time.

When I arrive in Kuala Lumpur I  find out I’ve booked a room in a completely different terminal to the one I have landed in and the one I need to fly out of tomorrow. I get directions and a stamp in my passport as I passed through customs (kind of happy about that really) buy a return ticket and hop on a train. My travel passport credit/bank card thingy worked perfectly! And it cost me about $1 US for my ticket😊

I arrive at the correct terminal, wonder about for a bit, get a feeling I should be looking on the next level up. I must of looked a little confused when trying to work out where I needed to go whilst studying a computer terminal with a map when a lovely security guard asked if I needed help. I told him where I was going and it turns out it was just around the corner from where we were.

I checked in, showered and went for a walk. I was looking for a bar to just sit, have a quiet drink before bed. Sadly I felt like I walked everywhere and couldn’t find a thing! Loads of shops and eateries but no alcohol. I also thought maybe I was dressed inappropriately as I has a t-shirt on, was I showing too much skin? Even though I did see a couple of other females in short sleeves, I was unsure if it was culturally acceptable.

I went back to my hotel and asked where I could buy a drink. They mentioned that they had beer in the lounge and sure enough it was there but no way to pay that I could see. I do wonder if it is included in my room fee? I must ask. Anyway, getting a little tired now and have my flight to Cambodia in the morning, I had best get some sleep 😊

Getting Ready

Testing my luggage...

I am testing my luggage, does it all fit? Do I have everything I need? How much does it weigh?  (that’s a mystery as I don’t have any scales) Nerves are starting to set in, doing some strange things like leaving my bags packed  but going back to use things out if my bathroom bag . . . Afraid I’ll forget something. A little (a lot) nuts I know! 😜

A New Beginning

Getting Ready

As this amazing journey is going to begin very soon,  I have taken the time this week to finalise some things. It seems that I am more nervous about whether or not I will have everything organised, rather than landing in a foreign country. I have many lists but as this is my first time traveling overseas since I was a small child,  I am not quite sure what needs to be on those lists?
I am unbelievably excited and looking forward to being warm. It’s been ever so cold here lately.